Terms & conditions


Parking2Go strives to provide drivers with an online platform that permits them to find a parking space in advance, and helps connecting with the owners of those parking spaces. Additionally, we assist these owners with administrative matters.

Our platform can be used to add listings by owners and booking of parking spaces by drivers. You might view listings as an unregistered guest; however, if you want to book a parking space or create a listing, you must first register.

Both parties, owners and drivers are informed via email (upon completion of the reservation) about details of the parking space and the rental period.

Parking2Go is not an owner or real state agent of properties, including, but not limited to, private parking spaces, parking garages, public parking spaces, company parking lots, or any other parking space.

Once the booking is confirmed the drivers accept an agreement with Parking2Go. In such situation Parking2Go will mediate with third parties (owners) to grant the service hired by the driver.

Parking2Go reserves its right to interrupt the accessibility to the platform for maintenance reasons or any other motives.

You can access to Parking2Go as a guest, owner or driver. As a guest you are able to see the listings and some information; however, it is necessary to create an account (register) in order to make a booking or add your own parking space.

The registration in Parking2Go is free and in order to become a registered user you will have to provide some basic personal information as: your current email address to validate your registration and receive your password, your name and surname. Also, you have the option to access the platform either via Facebook.

All the users of Parking2Go agree that the information offered on the registration is true and accurate and will be kept up-to-date at all times. If the information provided is not valid, we reserve the right to block or eliminate your account from the website.You are the only responsible party for the personal information provided on the registration process.

You can have just one registration. Parking2Go reserves the right at its discretion to block or eliminate an account of a customer who potentially holds more than one account.

We take very serious the protection of your data and privacy. To this end, Parking2Go advocates for the applicable local legislation when working with private data. Please, find detailed information concerning the protection of your privacy in the link “Privacy Policy”.

When you add your parking space to the website consider the following information:

  • Make sure you use the type of rental that suits you the best (hourly or longer term) for the parking space in particular. You can use alternate the type of rental according to the availability of your parking spaces.
  • Parking2Go aims to ensure that the parking spaces are suitable to your requirements; however, we offer no warranty that this is happening 100% of the times. We rely on the owners to provide accurate information about the parking space (features, surroundings, sizes…) whilst we effort to verify the accuracy of such information.
  • Parking2Go is not responsible for the invalid location or conditions of a parking space. We make great efforts to assure that our owners grant a good service in accordance with the drivers’ expectations; however, we have no responsibility and/or liability if the parking space does not meet the driver’s expectations.
  • The pictures of any given listing are indicative. Parking2Go is not responsible for any discrepancy between the information of the listing and the pictures of the parking space provided by the owners; or any other information or restrictions which apply to the parking space and the driver should be aware of prior to booking the actual parking space.
  • In case of experiencing an unsatisfactory experience, rate and provide feedback accordingly. You can report a listing if you consider that violates any of the terms mentioned in this page here: contact@parking2go.cz

As a driver, take the following information into consideration:

  • You, as a driver, agree that you will not create any false account with Parking2Go or use your account for any illegal purpose including (without limit) fraudulent bookings or money laundering.
  • Have an insured vehicle as required by applicable law; valid driving license and vehicle registration.
  • Use the parking space to park the vehicle not any other purpose that could fall into illegal or/and immoral activity.
  • Maintain the parking space clean and leave in the same condition as you found it
  • Park your vehicle without obstructing other parking spaces.
  • In case of any damage occurs during the rental period, reach out to the owner as soon as it happens
  • Act politely towards the owner
  • If you acknowledge that the parking space you rented is someone else’s property, do not access and report it to Parking2Go: contact@parking2go.cz
  • The access to the parking space is provided to the vehicle and the person specified in the confirmation email. The owner has all the right to refuse access to any other car or person who is not mentioned in the confirmation email even if that person has the authority of the driver
  • The driver has access only to the parking space and agrees not to access any other premises of the property to which the parking space is attached
  • Parking2Go is driven to grant great experiences for both, drivers and owners, in order to preserve the mission you agree that you will not participate in any activity which could be deemed to be harmful to the business or reputation of Parking2Go or do anything which might negatively influence our agreement with any owner
  • Contact an owner just when the booking has been confirmed or rent any parking space just through the booking system
  • Use the credit or debit card details for which the driver is the unique account holder
  • As a driver, you agree that Parking2Go has no responsibility for the parking space except for offering the services of dealing with bookings and collecting the payments.

As an owner, take the following information into consideration:

  • It is your responsibility to sign a contract with the driver to cover any loss (such as a chip, key or any means provided to open the parking space) or damage.
  • You, as an owner, agree that you will not create any false account with Parking2Go or use your account for any illegal purpose including (without limit) fraudulent bookings or money laundering.
  • Provide the parking space in accordance with the details and information published in the website
  • Treat the drivers in a courteous manner and responding promptly to all the queries from the drivers
  • Offer accurate information about the parking space (features, sizes, accessibility…)
  • Ensure a free and clean space at the start of the rental period (no vehicles, no obstacles)
  • You understand and agree that once a Driver requests a Booking of your Parking Space, you may not request the Driver to pay a higher price than in the Booking request
  • If needed, Parking2Go reserves the right to inspect the parking space at any time to verify the accuracy of the pictures
  • Ensure that the parking space is available for the booked period of time. The owner will not permit the access to any individual or car other than the one included in the confirmation email.
  • Guarantee that you have all the necessary approvals to grant a license to use the parking space and that the license with comply with all applicable laws, tax requirements, and regulations that might apply to the parking space rental
  • Agree that Parking2Go is not liable to the owner in any way whatsoever in case of loss or as a result of any public authority intervening against an owner or taking any other action as a consequence of having listed a parking space on the website
  • The owner is not responsible for the safety of the driver or the vehicle

There are two types of bookings: instant and regular. If you choose instant booking, there is no need to wait for the owner’s confirmation, you can go ahead and pay for it. With the regular booking, you’ll have to wait for the email confirming the approval by the owner and with the link to proceed with the payment, if you don’t pay within 48hour the reservation will be canceled automatically.

After selecting the dates to rent the parking space, Parking2Go requests a payment from the driver. Once we receive the payment and the driver accepts the Terms & Conditions, the reservation will be sent to the owner to be confirmed. Immediately after confirming, we send a booking confirmation email containing the details to contact the owner and discuss the details further. The money will be transferred to the owner´s bank or PayPal account, according to the method the owner determines, within 5 to 15 days counting from the moment the rental period takes place. To ensure that Parking2Go transfers the money, go to your profile and in the section ‘Wallet’ you will find ‘Set Payout Method’, enter the data requested there for one of the two options: Paypal or bank account.

Parking2Go applies a 15% platform fee per transaction, consider this when you, as the owner, set the prices for your parking spaces. This condition is fully accepted by the owners.

The driver must leave empty the parking space by the end of the rental period in accordance with the time stated in the confirmation email. Unless the owner has agreed on permitting the driver to have a later departure time, the driver is liable to pay when prolonging the rental period (this has to be through Parking2Go booking process).

The driver will pay 400Kc (15 euros) per extra hour over the rental period.

If the driver overstays for more than 2 hours, the owner has the right to involve a third party to remove the driver’s vehicle from the parking space and consequently the driver will be charged for all the cost that this situation might cause.

In order to proceed with the cancellation of any given service hired, the driver must be logged on Parking2Go. These are the possible situations to consider when canceling a service:

  • (Driver) Cancellation after the booking has been approved or instant booking parking: the driver will receive the refund (excluding the service fee) only if the cancellation took place 24 hours before arrival time. Cancellation after 24hours before arrival implies not to receive any refund.
  • (Driver) Exceptional circumstances. In this situation the driver has to inform Parking2Go about those exceptional circumstances and at the same time agree with the owner whether the cancellation is considered unusual or not. In case that there is an agreement, Parking2Go will decide on the amount of the refund (if any).
  • (Owner) If the owner decides to cancel the booking, the driver will be fully refunded including the service fee and the owner agrees to pay up to 1000Kc (40 euros) to provide the driver with a suitable alternative parking space. Parking2Go will decide the amount in such situation.
  • (Owner) Exceptional cancellation. The owner informs Parking2Go immediately and facilitates more suitable alternative parking spaces to the driver. Parking2Go does no guarantee that an alternative parking can be found and accepts no liability regarding this situation.

Parking2Go reserves the right to terminate, deactivate or even cancel your registration immediately, with or without reason, and with or without notice if in our opinion you have breached these Terms.

You can cancel your account in Parking2Go at any time, please, note that if you do so, we do not have the obligation to erase or return to you any content you posted to the website.

  • Parking2Go will not be liable for any demand against a user by any other party
  • Parking2Go is not responsible for any issue consequence of: (i) errors of the website or services, (ii) personal injury or property damage, of any nature whatsoever, resulting from access to and use of our services, (iii) any unauthorized access to or use of our secure servers and any and all personal or other information stored, (iv) any interruption from the platform functionality, (v) any bugs, viruses, Trojan horses…Claims against us in relation to the use of the platform more than 12 months following the booking to which the claim relates will be considered overdue.

By using our website you agree to fully comply with and be legally bound by the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service, whether or not you become a registered user of the Service.

Please, in continuing to use the Parking2Go, you confirm that you accept the current terms and conditions in full at the time you use the website.