For drivers

  1. Create your account on Parking2Go. It won’t take you more that 30 seconds! If you prefer to find your parking space first, that’s totally fine. You can complete the registration when you proceed with the reservation.
  2. Find your space. Enter your destination in the search field as well as your arrival and departure dates.
  3. Choose the right space. The listings are featured taking into account different aspects as the size of the car, opening hours, categories, etc.
  4. Proceed with the payment through our encrypted system (Stripe). The confirmation email will be sent out immediately to you with all the information provided by the owner.
  5. Review your parking experience objectively and help other Parking2Go members to make the correct decision.

Once you find a parking space of your interest, you have the option of sending a chat message to the owner. After having booked your spot and the owner has confirmed your request, you receive the contact details of the parking owner in your confirmation email. You can also contact them in your user dashboard by clicking on ‘approved’ in the booking overview, you will find the option ‘send message’. For security reasons you cannot exchange your email address and phone number in the chat, the system blocks this automatically.

The owner should gives you the information on how and when to access the parking. Normally you receive the mean to access an individual’s car park directly from the person itself, or from their neighbors, a business close by…

Likewise you should also arrange with the owner how and when to return the keys etc. before you leave the parking again.

In case you have problems to find the address provided by the parking space owner, you should contact the owner to clarify this and/or inform about anything else that could potentially interfere in the rental process.

If the owner does not provide such information prior to the starting time of the rental service, contact Parking2Go.

Yes, in such case, you can do so by going to the user panel. You will find your upcoming reservation on the section ‘bookings’, there you can view the option ‘cancel’ on the ‘approved’ section.

You can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours prior to the indicated arrival time, in this case you receive a full refund of the amount paid, excluding the service fee.

In order to modify your reservation, you will need to cancel the prior reservation.

Parking2Go encourages the mutual respect among members of the community. To this end and to enhance transparency and mutual trust, both drivers and parking owners can leave a review about their experience after the parking period ended.

The driver must leave empty the parking space by the end of the rental period in accordance with the time stated in the confirmation email. Unless the owner has agreed on permitting the driver to have a later departure time, the driver is liable to pay when prolonging the rental period (this has to be through Parking2Go booking process).

If the driver overstays for more than 2 hours, the owner has the right to involve a third party to remove the driver’s vehicle from the parking space and consequently the driver will be charged for all the cost that this situation might cause.

To avoid frustrating experiences, if the driver foresees that needs to extend the parking time, a new reservation should be established for the additional parking period.

In case of severe violations and disrespect of the agreement with the parking owner, penalties and the exclusion from Parking2Go might apply.

At the moment of your reservation, Parking2Go automatically raise a pre-authorization of your credit card. Once the parking owner accepts your reservation request, your credit card will be charged. There is no need to  exchange money with the parking owner at the parking itself. In case your reservation request is declined, then the pre-authorization will be cancelled automatically.

If you use the “instant booking” option, your booking is confirmed straightaway. You do not need to wait for a final confirmation from the owner. Consequently, at this moment your credit card is charged with the total amount of your reservation.

For parking owners

To offer your parking space for rent, just click on our website on the button ‘Add Listing’ which you always see on top of each page. Becoming a Parking2Go member and offering your parking for rent is free of charge.

Now you can choose for what price and for which minimum duration you want to rent out your parking. Parking2Go offers two types of rental: hourly or longer term as weekly or monthly. Choose wisely the kind of rental you want to use with your parking space. Remember: per parking space you can use just one type. You can also select the exact dates at which your parking is available and at which ones you need it yourself. Regarding choosing a rental price, we are happy to advise you on a reasonable price based on other rentals and parking tariffs in your neighborhood.

We review your parking offer and normally approve and publish it within 24 hours. Once you start receiving reservation requests, you have always 24 hours to reply to them before they are automatically declined. The sooner you reply to reservation requests, the better the driver can prepare the trip.

When you offer your parking on Parking2Go you have to fill one field about how you give access to your parking. What you can add here is e.g. I will provide you with a remote control, pick up the keys at my neighbour’s, pick up the keys at a store close by, etc.

Once you rented your parking spaceto a driver, you can always give clearer indications later by sending a message through our chat system.

When a driver wants to rent your parking space, he will have to complete a reservation request for your parking on our website. Once he confirms his reservation request, we conduct a pre-authorization of his credit card. As soon as you accepted his request for your shared parking space, driver’s credit card will be charged and consequently Parking2Go will transfer to your bank or PayPal account (mark one option), the amount of the rental period within 5  to 15 days counting from the moment the rental period takes place. Don´t forget to set a payout method of your preference in the ´Wallet´section in your profile, clicking on ´Set Payout Method´ to receive your money. 

You can leave a review for the driver to help other parking owners choose the right drivers for their parking. Also drivers can leave a review about how they experienced the parking and service.

We ask the driver to get in touch with you in case of a short delay. Unless the parties agree on a parking rental extension, in case the driver stays longer without notifying you, will be charged extra.

Prior to accepting any booking request, you have the option to reply to inquiries via Parking2Go chat. For security reasons you cannot exchange your email address and phone number in the chat, the system acknowledges and Parking2Go reserves the right to eliminate the account in concrete.